Australian Teenagers & Sex

After my recent post about attitudes towards sex and contraception of teenagers in the US someone asked if there was any similar Australian research.  Well there is in fact, and it was quite remiss of me to not refer to it before now.

La Trobe University carries out a survey of year 10 and year 12 students every 4 years called the National Survey of Australian Secondary School Students and Sexual Health.  In 2008 it released the fourth such study.

The report is extensive in its coverage and the results could be taken as reasonably indicative of Australian teenagers given it surveyed over 2,900 students across the country.

Below I have listed some of the more significant findings.

Teenage and Sexual Behaviour

  • 78% of all teenagers surveyed reported engaging in some form of sexual activity
  • Over 25% of year 10 students have had sexual intercourse.
  • Over 50% of year 12 students have had sexual intercourse.
  • Over 33% of year 10 students and over 55% of year 12 students have engaged in oral sex.
  • 38% of females reported having had unwanted sex, this figure was 19% for males.
  • Nearly 25% of sexually active teens surveyed reported been drunk during their last sexual encounter – that figure rose to 34% for males.
  • Just under 50% of the students surveyed had experienced oral sex.
  • Although most of those students reported having oral sex with one partner in the previous year, a considerable proportion (28%) had oral sex with 3 or more people.
  • 6% of males and 7% of females reported having same sex attractions

Safe Sex Practices

  • 31% of teenagers did not use a condom the last time they had intercourse.
  • Over 50% those who use the pill for contraception don’t use condoms.
  • 50% of all teenage pregnancies occur within the first six months of sexual activity.
  • 30% of sexually active teenagers report having 3 or more sexual partners in the last 12 months.
  • Over 75% of teenagers are confident to talk to their partner about contraception.
  • 48% were confident to talk to their parents about sex and contraception.

I hope these stats are of use to our Australian readers.

Please let me know of any other teenage related research (Aussie or International) you have found helpful or interesting. I am always looking out for ways to build up the knowledge base.

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  • dave miers

    hey man – really appreciating your blog posts. very useful.

    • Chris

      Thanks Dave. Encouragement appreciated! Any topics or suggestions you might have that would be useful for you as a reader are more than welcome. Cheers CH

  • Rialkilandi

    Anything about what age this all starts?

  • Berni

    This study had a very poor response rate and therefrore the results are meaningless. Please don’t quote studies unless you understand statistics and read the primary source.

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