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As young people move through adolescence they no longer want to be treated as children, but are not yet ready to be considered competent adults. This creates uncertainty and anxiety for many parents. Understanding Teenagers Parenting Presentations give parents clarity and confidence as they approach the important task of guiding their teenagers along the path of emerging adulthood.

An Understanding Teenagers Parenting presentation provides parents with a mix of high quality information and relevant, usable, parenting strategies. All material is based on sound adolescent & developmental theory, and tested through real life application and observation. Content is constantly reviewed and tailored to best meet the needs of parents raising teenagers in the 21st century.

Current Parenting Presentation Topics

Below is a list of  parenting presentation topics currently available. Click on a heading to see a brief description of each presentation.

So many parents of teenagers struggle to get their teen to participate, or even attempt to participate, in areas of life such as study, work, or contributing around the home. This seminar lifts the lid on what really motivates teenagers and how parents can unlock their teen’s potential

  • Dispelling the common and debilitating myths about teenage motivation
  • Learn the 3 keys that are essential for teenager motivation
  • How to avoid the 3 enemies of motivation
  • How to overcome common demotivating factors for teenagers
  • Moving beyond “threats” and “Rewards

This presentation provides parents with essential information and strategies about how parents can maintain open lines of communication with their teenagers and connect more effectively with their growing teen. Parents attending this presentation will learn:

  • Creating a relationship that enables good communication
  • Common parenting habits that kill communication
  • The key for positive communication with teenagers
  • What to listen for when communicating with teens
  • Giving instructions that teens will carry out
  • How to negotiate with your teenager

Based on Chris’ book of the same name, this presentation teaches parents how to instill in their teens the confidence, attitudes and skills that will enable them to bounce back from whatever life throws at them. An informative seminar exploring modern parenting trends and how parents can avoid many of the pitfalls that undermine the resilience of today’s teenagers.

  • How to build your teen’s self-esteem
  • How to know when your teenager need some help
  • Common mistakes parents make that undermine teenage confidence
  • What resilience is & how it develops
  • Parenting your teenager to become more resilient
  • How to help your teenager learn through the hard times
  • How to negotiate with your teenager

For parents who don’t want to endless fights and arguments, but are looking to enjoy their children’s teenage years. A practical seminar on how to reduce and manage conflict in the home while more time enjoying time with your teenager.

  • The main causes of teen – parent conflict
  • How to reduce the amount and intensity of conflict in the home
  • How to discipline teens and improve their behaviour
  • How to easily negotiate with your teenager
  • Getting your teen to co-operate without nagging
  • How to help your teenager learn through the hard times
  • How to negotiate with your teenager

Today’s teenagers are growing up in a world very different to that of their parents. The abundance of digital technology is literally changing the way teenager’s grow up. This workshop helps parents with the task of raising teens who are equipped for the digital age.

Topics covered in this presentation include:

  • How digital technology is shaping teenagers
  • Setting digital boundaries for teenagers
  • Protecting teenagers from digital dangers
  • What is Digital Citizenship
  • How parents teach teen’s to be Digital Citizens
  • Using technology to assist raising teenagers
  • Setting good boundaries and getting your teen to keep them
  • How to help your teenager learn through the hard times
  • How to negotiate with your teenager

It is common for parents of teenagers to feel like spectators in their teen’s life, unsure when or how to they should connect with or influence their young adult child. This seminar empowers parents to engage by explaining:

  • Why teens who have strong relationship with their parents do better in life
  • What type of relationship teenagers need with their parents in order to thrive
  • Parenting styles that enable strong, positive, and lasting relationships
  • What parenting practices negatively impact the teen and parent dynamic
  • Strategies to maintain an effective relationship with your teen – even when they don’t want you to

This seminar will equip parents of teenagers to navigate the emotional extremes that can occur during adolescence and rasie teenagers who are emotionally aware and resilient. Some topics covered include;

  • Common reasons for emotional extremes in adolescence
  • How to make the home a safe and calm place – even with teenagers
  • What parents can do to help teenagers manage their own emotions
  • How to set and maintain healthy emotional boundaries with teenagers
  • How parents can equip teenagers to be emotionally resilient

For parents who have children approaching or in the early teenage years, this seminar provides guide to adolescence; what to expect, when to expect it and what to do when it happens. Full of practical tips & ideas

  • Resetting your parenting goals for the teenage years
  • How puberty changes things – for teens & parents
  • How to help your kids adjust to middle / high school
  • Learning to communicate – without yelling
  • What parents can do to reduce teenage risk taking
  • How to interpret your teenager’s behaviour

Can’t find exactly what your looking for on the list? Contact us to discuss your requirements. Chris has experience in a wide range of teenage related topics & training adults.

Your Parenting Community

Understanding Teenagers’ Parenting presentations are suitable for a variety of settings. Some common forums include:

  • Schools
  • Not for Profit agencies
  • Churches
  • Neighborhood Groups
  • Community Centers

The modular content design means each workshop can be tailored to your specific situation and audience. Each presentation can be delivered as either a Keynote talk, interactive Workshop (1.5hr – 3hr), or day long training program.

So whether you are a Not-for-Profit, School, Church or just a group of friends from the local neighbourhood, our Parenting Workshops can provide value rich training in a manner suitable for your parenting community.

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