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You Might Be Here Because….

You are a parent who is feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your teenager’s behaviour and don’t know what to do about it.

You are a parent of a teenager and you find yourself reacting to your teenager and being the type of parent you don’t want to be.

Your teenager is working through some of their own struggles and you are looking for guidance on how to support them.

You know someone who needs support in raising their teenager and want to know if I might be able to help.

If you are any of the above you are in the right place.


Parent Coaching

As a parent coach and educator, I’m here to provide a nurturing environment where you can find guidance and discover effective strategies for navigating the teenage years.

In a judgement-free space, you can openly share your concerns and feelings about yourself as a parent and your teenager. From this place of understanding and empathy, I’ll work alongside you to boost your parenting confidence and help you cultivate a stronger connection with your teenager.

While doubts may creep in at times, remember that you know your teenager better than anyone else. My goal is to empower you to embrace your essential role in your teenager’s life and facilitate positive change for both you and your teen.

Together, we’ll work on fostering a more positive mindset regarding your parenting approach, gaining deeper insights into your teenager’s needs and behaviors, and equipping you with practical, evidence-based strategies to overcome challenges and foster stronger parent-teen bonds.

Ready to embark on this journey of growth and connection? Let’s take the first step together.

My Coaching Process

Every family is different. You and your teenager have your own story and challenges, and as your coach, I partner with you to make changes that are authentic and achievable for you and your family.

My coaching process helps you gain clarity on what is happening, develop strategies that work for you and your teenager, and support you in implementing positive change.

My goal is to create a roadmap that works for you and your family, helping you all grow and thrive together.

1. Define the Issues

Together, we’ll clarify what’s happening and what you envision for your relationship with your teenager. We’ll address questions such as:

  • What specific challenges are you facing with your teenager?
  • What parenting actions are you finding difficult to execute?
  • Which of your teenager’s behaviours are causing problems?
  • What would you like things to look like for you and your teen?

2. Develop Strategies

Once we understand the challenges, we’ll devise strategies and tools to bridge the gap between your current situation and your desired outcome. These strategies will focus on:

  • Breaking unhelpful relational patterns
  • Developing effective responses to your teenager
  • Cultivating insight into your teen’s behavior
  • Strengthening your parenting effectiveness

3. Deliver Changes

As your parent coach, my emphasis is on empowering you to change the things you can directly control, which is you. Together, we’ll work on:

  • Shifting your mindset
  • Managing your emotions effectively
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Making intentional choices in your parenting approach

As an expert in adolescent development, I’ll also provide practical insights into the physical, neurological, and emotional changes your teenager is undergoing. These insights will enable you to:

  • Respond to your teenager’s real needs
  • Positively manage their behaviour
  • Foster meaningful connections
  • Feel more confident in your parenting

What Is My Process Based On?

My method for working with parents integrates established psychological theories and evidence-based practices along with proven adult learning processes.

My framework for helping parents build strong relationships with teenagers is informed by:

1.     Adolescent Development: Understanding the importance of promoting autonomy and responsibility and appreciating the significant physical and social changes teenagers are managing, I guide parents in establishing an environment that supports the evolving needs of their adolescent children.

2.     Emotion Coaching Theory: Central to my coaching methodology are principles and practices of Emotion Coaching (based on the work of John Gottman), emphasizing the guidance of parents in recognizing, understanding, and responding to their teenager’s emotions. This nurtures emotional intelligence in both parents and teenagers, a pivotal factor for overall well-being.

3.     Choice Theory: I incorporate practical insights from Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (based on the work of William Glasser). Assisting parents to comprehend the significance of personal responsibility and the important role of authentic choices in shaping behaviour. Parents are equipped to create an environment of responsibility and accountability within families.

4.     Family Systems Theory: My approach to parent coaching is the recognition of the intricate interplay within familial relationships, guided by Family Systems Theory (based on the work of Murray Bowen.)  I empower parents to create an environment conducive to helping their teen develop a healthy identity and exercise their autonomy while maintaining positive connections to the family unit.

5.     Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): My coaching methodology acknowledges the interplay of thoughts and emotions in many common challenging teen behaviours. I coach parents to cultivate positive parenting skills and equip their teens with effective self-regulation tools.

6. Positive Parenting Practices: Emphasizes building a nurturing relationship between parents and children through positive reinforcement, empathy, and clear communication.

The theoretical and therapeutic influences on my process are not limited to these domains, but these 6 form the core of much of my process.

My coaching framework is primarily based on a directive coaching approach as I include education and training as well as client centered coaching principles. I incorporate elements of established adult learning theory including Experiential Learning, Self-Determination Theory, along with insights and practices from Client Centred Counselling.

I bring to my coaching practice years of professional experience and training in working with teenagers and families. I have completed:

  • Undergraduate studies in youth work,
  • Postgraduate studies in Education
  • Professional training as a personal counselor
  • Certification as a Tuning into Teens facilitator.

And of course there is the real life training of being a husband and father of 3 brings to appreciating how families work.

Common Issues Parent Coaching Helps With

Teenage Issues

Common teenage issues that I help parents develop strategies for include:

      • Anxiety
      • Defiance
      • Anger
      • Disrespect
      • Emotional Outbursts
      • Technology Overuse
      • Lack of Motivation
      • Lack of Confidence
      • Lack of Resilience
      • Failure to Launch (older teens)

Parenting Issues

Common parenting issues that I help parents of teenagers develop strategies for include:

      • Self Care
      • Managing Stress
      • Controlling Anger
      • Staying Calm
      • Effective Discipline
      • Establishing Boundaries
      • Conflict Management
      • Improving Communication
      • Building Confidence
      • Conflicting Parenting Styles

Is Your Teenager Getting Professional Help?

If your teen is getting specialist care I will work with you to help you support your teen.

My coaching aims to establish a unified support system for teens who are working with welfare professionals in the school environment or with other mental health practitioners.

Whenever possible I seek to equip and encourage parents to develop consistency between the home environment and the school environment or other therapeutic programs. This includes recommending or referring parents to relevant professional support services when required.

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