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Understanding Teenagers educators presentations are designed to develop professionals working in schools, vocational training, outdoor education or any other environment with a focus on teaching or training teenagers. These presentations provide educators with contemporary information and strategies about engaging with and relating to teenagers in the 21st century.

Chris combines his extensive experience working with teenagers, his awareness of best practices in education, and his ongoing interest in emerging trends in adolescent development, to deliver content that stimulates teachers to examine and re-imagine how they approach engaging and working with teenagers.

Current Educators Presentation Topics

Below is a list of currently available presentation topics suitable for teachers in high schools or similar environments . Click on a heading to see a brief description of each presentation.

Resilience is a vital requirement for today’s teenagers as they prepare for life in a rapidly changing world. There are many trends in modern life that appear positive, but are in fact hindering teenagers developing healthy self-esteem and resilience.

This presentation equips classroom teachers, pastoral staff, and school executives with knowledge and strategies required to make the middle and high school environment one that builds and enhances resilience in students. Some of the topics include:

  • What resilience is and how it develops
  • The traits of resilient kids
  • Building resilient enhancing relationships
  • Incorporating resilience building into everyday classes
  • Creating a resilience building school environment
  • Evaluation strategies for measuring resilience outcomes
  • OPTION – Developing Resilience in Teachers to improve effectiveness and longevity. This module encourages teachers to focus on their own resilience with a view to improving their experience a school and their performance as teachers)

Resilience Building Classrooms can be delivered as a 1.5hour session, a 3hour workshop, or an all day strategy development session.

It is widely acknowledged that student motivation is one of the key factors in academic success. When students are genuinely motivated they are more engaged in the learning process and achieve better outcomes across the board.

In this presentation participants are reminded of the importance of focusing on motivation as part of the teaching process and provide loads of ideas and stimulus to turn teachers into motivators. This interactive presentation will cover:

  • The 4 key elements required for teenagers to be self motivated and engaged learners
  • What self motivated teenage learners look like and the role teachers play in creating or inhibiting motivation
  • How to improve self-regulation to increase teenage motivation
  • Getting the right balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for high-schoolers
  • Limiting the demotivating factors in the classroom
  • How to develop learning strategies that promote self-motivation in adolescent students

Improving Motivation in Adolescent Students can be delivered as a 1.5hour session or  3hour workshop.

Teachers who are able to foster genuine positive relationships with students create learning environments where there is greater liklihood of teeenagers realising higher and longer last accendimc achievement and positive social development.

While “Authentic Relationships” sound like a good idea, knowing what they look like, how to foster them, and how to evaluate them can be difficult task. This presentation outlines a framework to assist educators in developing a working understanding of what positive, meaningful, teacher – student relationships look like and how they can be nurtured and managed. Topics covered in this presentation include:

  • What are Authentic Teacher – Student Relationships?
  • How students benefit academically and socially from good relationships with teachers
  • Strategies for developing strong teacher – student relationships in high schools
  • Student risk factors that threaten positive relationship
  • Cultivating relationships with difficult students
  • Measuring student teacher relationships

Building Authentic Relationships can be delivered as a 1.5hour session or  3hour workshop.


Many think adolescents are the most challenging age group to deal with any profession. Middle and high school teachers become very skilled at dealing with the many peculiarities of teenage students.

This presentation is a refresher on adolescent development for teachers, providing practical insights on recent findings and stimulating new thoughts about how to work with the forces of adolescence to create engaging and interesting learning environments

  • How adolescent brain development impacts learning and behaviour
  • Developing learning strategies that leverage how adolescents think
  • Understanding how to use adolescent egocentricity to improve classroom management
  • How to improve the quality teacher student relationships
  • How to increase engagement through creating adolescent friendly environments

Resilience Building Classrooms can be delivered as a 1.5hour session or  3hour workshop.

This presentation has been developed especially for staff working in high schools. Most teacher development focuses on curriculum and student welfare, this training is focused on the well being of teaching staff. It examines what resilience for teachers really is and how individuals, staff teams, and school leadership can develop increased resilience for all staff.

Outcomes of this training include:

  • An understanding of what resilience and what it looks like for teachers
  • Knowledge of the personal traits that contribute to increased resilience
  • Skills and strategies for teacher personal well being
  • Skills and strategies to increase personal emotional resilience
  • Identification of Peer to peer strategies to improve staff resilience and how to implement them
  • How school leadership can assist in fostering resilience among staff

This presentation can be delivered as a 3 hour or full day workshop.

Can’t find exactly what your looking for on the list? Contact us to discuss your requirements. Chris has experience in a wide range of teenage related topics & training adults.

Understanding Teenagers Educators Presentations can be tailored to suit your particular training and development needs. Each of the presentations have tangible outcomes for participants and are delivered with an upbeat interactive manner.

Contact Chris to discuss him coming to present at:

  • In-service Training Days
  • Staff Development Days
  • Conferences
  • Welfare or Pastoral Care training
  • Extended Staff meetings

So whether you are a School, a Vocational Training organisation, or Outdoor Education provider, our Educators Presentations can provide training to improve your teams appreciation and connection with today’s teenagers.

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