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Parenting teenagers can be one the most challenging periods of life – but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

If the challenges of parenting your teenager are far outweighing the rewards, then parent coaching could be your answer.

Working with an experienced coach can get you back on an even keel and making positive lasting changes. Even if the relationship with your teen feels permanently broken, or you have completely lost confidence in your ability as a parent; working with a coach can turn things around.

Parent Coaching Could Be For You If You Want To:

Have a parenting plan that works for you and your teen

Feel more confident in your approach and ability as a parent

Know what to do and say (or not say) when certain situations arise

Create an atmosphere of order and calm in the family home

Follow through consistently and achieve your parenting goals

Enjoy a more positive relationship with your teenager
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Meet The Coach

Hi, I’m Chris Hudson, founder of Understanding Teenagers and Parent Coach.There comes  a time in lots of parenting journeys when the challenges of raising a teenager can no longer be solved by blog articles, Google searches, or magazine advice columns.

It’s not that there is anything “wrong”with you or your teenager, but things just aren’t working. Your teen has developed some unhelpful behaviours, and you have run out of ideas (and energy) to work out how to deal with it.

Coaching is an effective way to find a way through the stress and tension and get to a place where you and your teenager can enjoy life together.

I will work one-on-one with you to help you discover how to turn things around with your teenager. Say goodbye to all the stress and anxiety, and unlock a positive new relationship between you and your teen.

Thanks to Chris Hudson we have been able to start again from the foundations, and build up a solid relationship which is now allowing my son to flourish naturally in all areas, not just school. I think that is perhaps the main lesson I have learned: a good relationship with your teenager, good communication and mutual respect, will put everything else in place naturally. It’s not an overnight miracle cure. It takes time, commitment and patience, but the results are spectacular!


Kate Babb (Granada, Spain)

Free Discovery Call With Chris

Take Your First Step Towards a Better Realtionship With Your Teenager

What Is Parent Coaching?

Coaching empowers you to get to where you want to be with your teenager.

Parent Coaching is a results-oriented process focused on the HOW of parenting.

Unlike therapy or counseling, coaching is not interested so much in WHY you and your teen are the way you are,  instead the coaching process develops your capacity to MAKE CHANGES. It is all about you taking action and making a difference.

Just like a personal trainer, or life coach, a parent coach helps you move from intentions to achieving, except in this case the focus is on parenting – especially parenting teenagers.


Who Is Parent Coaching For?

There are lots of reasons parents partner with a coach.

Sometimes people engage a coach because they feel confused about their own parenting.

Other people work with a coach when they don’t know what to do about their teenager’s behaviour.

Some parents are just sick of all the tension and stress and want to know how to have an enjoyable relationship with their teenager.

The one thing all parents who hire a coach have in common is a strong desire to see positive change their teenager’s life.

Parents who get the most out of parent coaching are those who are willing to be open and honest about what is happening and willing to try new ways of going about parenting.

Chris really helped me get in touch with my fears and agendas for my teen. This was an invaluable insight as it truly enlightened my teens individual and unique path. It brought to the light what I was doing to block communication and opened up the dialogue. And, the session on chores and reframing worked exceptionally well. It’s been insightful. Our teens can teach us so much about ourselves when we dare to be truly present and listen to their voice while quietening our own. Thank you.:)


Leanne T (SA, Australia)

Common Reasons Parents Work With a Coach

    • Feel like their teenagers don’t listen to or respect or them
    • Constantly argue or are engaged in power struggles with their teen over everyday issues
    • Experience increased frequency of teenage problem behavior and risk taking
    • Don’t know how to deal with an Entitled teenager
    • Struggle with a teenager who seems addicted to screens and technology
    • They have an unmotivated teenager and are worried about the future
    • Know there is a problem in the relationship with their teenager, but can’t name it
    • Find themselves using the same unhealthy parenting practices their parenting role models  demonstrated when they were children
    • Have little energy left over after parenting for their adult relationships

Free Discovery Call With Chris

Take Your First Step Towards a Better Realtionship With Your Teenager

How It Works

Book Your Free Discovery Call

The first step is to arrange your free Discovery Call with Chris. In this first meeting Chris will help you more clearly define what it is you want to change about your situation and formulate a plan of how to go about it. Then you are free to decide if you wish to continue or go your own way.

Attend Coaching Sessions

If you choose to work with Chris, you will have one one one coaching sessions (online / phone) to clarify what you want to do and create strategies to get there. The number and frequency of sessions is up to you.

Make Some Changes

Between sessions you will have set tasks to do. These will range from written exercises, reading tasks, and generally making changes in how you go about parenting your teenager. Chris will available to call on as you go along.

Enjoy Your Teenager

Once you have implemented your changes, worked hard at establishing a healthy relationship with your teenager, and regained your confidence as a parent it will be time to relax and enjoy the good times raising your teenager.

Why Work With Chris?

I first started working with parents of teenagers over 20 years ago, and in that time I have helped dozens of parents and teens find better ways of doing life together.I bring extensive experience in youth work, pastoral counseling, experiential learning, adult education, and adolescent development to every coaching session and every family situation. I have worked with families from a range of backgrounds and has assisted working through an extensive variety of teen related issues.

My qualifications go well beyond holding a Masters Degree in Education, I am also married with kids (including a teenager) and know just how imperfect and frustrating family life can be. There no such thing as the perfect family, and I don’t believe in one size fits all. My commitment is to helping you and your teenager be the best versions of yourselves possible. Learn more about Chris.

Chris challenges the common and erroneous beliefs we have about teenagers in general but specifically with regards to motivation. I can already see an Improvement in the way my daughter approaches school this year . Chris is a very clear and effective communicator and has much wisdom to offer any parent in general that has a teen.


Lynn Hollaway (Texas USA)

Free Discovery Call With Chris

Take Your First Step Towards a Better Realtionship With Your Teenager

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