Living or working with teenagers can be challenging. But it can also be energizing, fun and deeply rewarding.

The teenage years are among the most formative of a person’s life. It is during these years that identities are shaped, dreams are formed, and the foundations of future success and happiness are laid.

Every teenager needs at least one adult who is committed to understanding who they are; providing guidance, encouragement, and support. As an adult with a significant role in a teenager’s life, you have the opportunity to make a huge difference to their future and shape the adult they are becoming.

Being that supportive, understanding, adult presence sounds like a great idea until you are confronted with a teenager in full adolescent mode!

Your desire to be a positive force in your teenagers life can be frustrated on a near daily basis. When confronted with teenage moodiness, disrespect, relationship dramas, risky behaviour, ever changing technology, and the loss of normal communication, good intentions can be overtaken by doubt, frustration, anxiety and despair.

Today’s teenagers are growing up in a world that is very different to the one you grew up in. The gap between childhood and adult choices seems to be shrinking. It can feel like teenagers are exposed to more risks and bigger decisions earlier and earlier in life.

Parenting and working with teens can be hard..... sometimes really hard!

Why Understanding Teenagers?

Understanding Teenagers takes the stress and frustration out of dealing with teenagers.

Understanding Teenagers is  dedicated to helping adults who live and work with teenagers overcome the many challenges teenagers present. By providing an increased appreciation of what happens during adolescence Understanding Teenagers equips adults with the skills to relate and respond to teenagers in positive and constructive ways.

Basically we specialise is de-stressing adult - teen relationships!

Every public presentation, coaching session and training package contains proven strategies backed by evidence based research and is packaged as easy to understand  practical guidance that participants can take away and start putting into place straight away.

Understanding Teenagers deals with a wide range of adolescent related issues, we specialise in the following areas:


  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Behaviour Management
  • Relational Dynamics
  • Emotional Agility
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Parent & Sibling Relationships

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Meet Chris

G’Day I’m Chris Hudson, the person behind Understanding Teenagers.

I have been interested in helping teenagers ever since I was one. I dropped out of my first uni degree part way through so I could study to be a youth worker because that was were my passion was.

In the decade following that decision was spent working with teenagers and their families in a variety of settings. I loved it!

The teenage years are such a formative period of life, and the opportunity to get beside a young person and help them navigate the swirling currents of adolescence is such a privilege. Watching a teenager come to realise who they are and where they want to go in life is exciting.

One of my profound realisations during that time was just how impacted a young person is by the quality of adults in their life. So many issues teenagers deal with stem from the relationships they have with the significant adults in their lives. When a teen is getting on with their parents life gets so much easier - for everyone.

But it isn’t just parents. I saw the positive difference committed teachers, youth leaders, sporting coaches and even employers, made in shaping a young person’s outlook on life. A teenager with a committed caring adult along side them has such a great head start in life.

After 10 years in youth work I went back to study and completed a Masters of Education, where I had the chance to learn more about adolescent development, but I also studied how adults learn. This was were the idea of Understanding Teenagers crystallised. I wanted to create an opportunity for adults from all walks of life to be trained in how to make a positive impact in a teenagers life.

Most adults want to be able relate well with teenagers, but sometimes it just gets too hard. It can feel like not matter what an adult does things with the teenager just get worse.

I have spent years studying, reading, and most importantly working with adults, to find ways to help them connect and relate in helpful ways with the teenagers in their life. And this what I do now, work with adults to help them live and work with teenagers. I love it!

As a husband and father, I am reminded nearly everyday that life often doesn’t always go to plan. Knowing the right thing to do and being able to do it aren't always the same thing. We all need some assistance from an objective observer now and then, that's what I hope Understanding Teenagers can provide.

Thanks for dropping by Understanding Teenagers, and please don't hesitate to contact me to find out if I can assist you in your situation.