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Teenagers do better in life when they have adults who understand them.

The Joy of Adolescence

Living or working with teenagers can be challenging. But it can also be energizing, fun and deeply rewarding.

Every teenager needs at least one adult who is committed to understanding who they are and who they can become.

Being that supportive, understanding, adult presence sounds like a great idea until you are confronted with a teenager in full adolescent mode!

With a constant barrage of  teenage moodiness, disrespect, relationship dramas, risky behaviour, ever changing technology, and the loss of normal communication, good intentions can be overtaken by doubt, frustration, anxiety and despair.

Today’s teenagers are growing up in a world that is very different to the one you grew up in. The gap between childhood and adult choices seems to be shrinking. It can feel like teenagers are exposed to more risks and bigger decisions earlier and earlier in life.

Parenting and working with teens can be hard….. sometimes really hard!

helping adults transform teenagers

Understanding Teenagers specialises in reducing the challenges and increasing the satisfaction for adults raising teenagers.

We help adults to build stronger, more authentic relationships with the teenagers in their lives by equipping adults with the skills to relate and respond to teenagers in positive and constructive ways.

Basically we specialise is making adult – teen relationships work!

Through personal coaching, public speaking, and specailised training services, Understanding Teenagers provides proven practical strategies and insights to empower you and your community to connect with the teenager’s in your lives.

Understanding Teenagers Can Help With

Private Parent Coaching

Group Parent Coaching & Education

Staff Workshops and Training

Keynote and Conference Speaking

Chris Hudson speaking

Who Is Understanding Teenagers?

Understanding Teenagers was established in 2012 by Chris Hudson, an accomplished Australian Youth Specialist, Parent Coach, and Educator with over 20 years of experience working with teenagers and their families. Through his varied roles across multiple organisations, Chris has solidified his position as a leading authority in adolescent development and effective parenting strategies.

As a dedicated Parent Coach, Chris specializes in coaching parents through the unique challenges of raising adolescents, providing targeted guidance and support tailored specifically to their needs.

Chris not only brings a wealth of experience as a parenting expert but also excels as an engaging speaker who seamlessly combines entertainment with education. His captivating presentations not only inform but also inspire, making complex concepts accessible and actionable for audiences of all backgrounds.

Understanding Teenagers, is built around Chris’ commitment to delivering effective guidance and support tailored specifically to the needs of parents raising teens. Whether it’s navigating communication hurdles, managing conflicts, or fostering positive relationships, Chris’s proven coaching process empowers parents with the tools and confidence needed to thrive during this transformative phase of parenting.

How Can We Help….


We provide supportive and non-judgemental, personal guidance  specifically for parents seeking to make changes with their teenager.


Engaging and informative presentations that entertain and equip participants to better relate to and understand the teenagers in their lives.


We have a variety of FREE parenting guides and tools for you to download. These contain proven strategies and principles to make parenting teens easier.

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