Help For Adults Living or Working With Teenagers


Understanding Teenagers specialises in helping adults living and working with teenagers respond positively to the challenges of modern adolescence.

Established by former youth worker Chris Hudson, Understanding Teenagers is a training and consulting service established to help young people get the best possible foundation for adult life. It does this through equipping and empowering adults to constructively engage with teenagers.

From throwing a life line to desperate parents, to training with enthusiastic professionals, Understanding Teenagers works with people in a variety of contexts, all with the ultimate goal of helping teenagers be the best version of themselves.

Through personal coaching, public speaking, and specailised training services, Understanding Teenagers provides proven practical strategies and skills to empower you and your community in living and working with teenagers.


Helping Parents

Empowering parents to move beyond just surviving their teenager and towards healthy, life affirming relationships with their adolescent kids.

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Helping Educators

Promoting authentic relationships and increased student engagement through equipping educators with positive evidence based approaches to behaviour management, motivation, and resilience building.

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Helping Organisations

Training staff and volunteers to engage more confidently and intentionally with teenage clients or employees.

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How Can Understanding Teenagers Assist In Your Situation ?    

Meet Chris

That guy leaning against the wall is Chris Hudson, the founder of Understanding Teenagers.

Over 22 years ago a much younger looking (and  more energetic) Chris started working with teenagers as youth worker. Since those heady days Chris has worked in a variety of contexts with both young people and adults, as a practitioner, trainer, mentor, coach, writer and speaker. These days he has added parent of teenager to his CV.

Understanding Teenagers takes all Chris's experience and channels it into providing adults with practical training, resources, and inspiration. The goal is to enable and empower parents and professionals to build life shaping relationships with the teenagers in their lives.

Through one-on-one parent coaching, keynote speaking, and customised training resources, Chris provides expert advice on how adults can connect, communicate, and most of all understand today's teenagers.

Chris holds a Masters Degree in Education and when not helping other parents and professionals, he can be found hanging around the South Coast of  New South Wales Australia with his wife and kids.


What Others Have Said

"Sincere thanks for the work that you have done with the parents in our schools at the end of last term.  The parents who attended felt it was so helpful and provided a lot of strategies and practical advice which some parent presentations by other presenters have lacked."

Janita. Parent Coordinator. NSW

"All of the teachers have commented on the value of the day for them. Chris stimulated some great thought and action both here and at our homes.  One of the teachers asked us all on Tuesday morning “Who else went home and tried some of yesterday’s ideas” and everyone with kids agreed."

Peter. Principal. QLD

"Thanks to Chris Hudson we have been able to start again from the foundations, and build up a solid relationship which is now allowing my son to flourish naturally in all areas, not just school."

Kate. Mother. Spain