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Youth Specialist, Parenting Coach & Educator
Chris Hudson Parent Coach

G’day there, I’m Chris Hudson.

I’m an Australian Youth Specialist, Parent Coach and Educator.  And I am also the face behind Understanding Teenagers.

I’m dedicated to empowering adults navigating the dynamic world of living and working with teenagers to make lasting changes through authentic relationships.

My Journey to Helping Adults Help Teens

My passion for supporting teens started way back when I was navigating the challenges my own teenage years. It led me to make a bold move—dropping out of my first university degree (much to my parent’s dismay) to pursue youth work. Over the next decade or so, starting in the ’90s, I worked in various roles, supporting teens and their families.

What struck me most during this time was the profound impact adults had on shaping teens’ lives.

That realization drove me to learn more. I got a Master’s in Education, and delved deeper into adolescent development and adult learning. It was during this period that the vision for Understanding Teenagers took shape. I wanted to create a platform where adults from all walks of life could learn how to positively influence the lives of teenagers.

The Ever Evolving Teenage Landscape

Contemporary teenagers are navigating a world vastly different from that of their parents. With rapid technological advancements and evolving cultural norms, the adolescent experience has undergone a significant transformation. Despite these changes, my unwavering belief persists:

every teen needs at least one caring adult in their corner to thrive!

How I Make a Difference

I offer compassionate expertise drawn from over 25 years of hands-on experience with teenagers and families. My approach focuses on nurturing authentic relationships, providing adults with the mindset and skills to forge lasting connections with teens.

Working With Parents

Parenting isn’t about perfection—it’s about striving to be the best version of ourselves for our teens. As a professional coach and as a father, I understand the ups and downs of family life. I know how teens can push your buttons and make you doubt yourself. Through private and group coaching, I equip parents to better understand their teens and create calm connected homes without all the drama and stress!

Learn More About My Parenting Coaching Process

Empowering Organisations

Authentic relationships with teenagers are crucial for their well-being and success. My training services equip teams with the tools and strategies to foster strong connections with teenagers, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

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What Else Is There…?

I’m fortunate enough to be married to a very beautiful, patient and gracious woman, and the proud father of three awesome kids (one of whom has survived to her 20’s!) And our family wouldn’t be complete without our lovable black Labrador, Maggie, who keeps us on our toes.

We call the South Coast of NSW, Australia, home, where the ocean breeze and great scenery help us maintain a pretty laid-back lifestyle. When I’m not busy with family adventures, you can often find me planning our next travel escapade, cheering on my favourite sporting teams, procrastinating about jobs around the house I will never finish renovating, or indulging in a sneaky glass of red wine on the weekends.

Thanks for dropping by, and please reach out if you would like to discuss how I might be able to help you with your teenagers.

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