What Teens Want From Adults

I’m sure most of you agree that connecting with teenagers can be challenging. Apparently teenagers think connecting with adults is no simple task either.

A recent survey released by the Search Institute in Minneapolis found, among other things, that teens are looking for more from adults in order to develop relationships.

A survey of 1,860 15-year-olds found that while nearly half the teens identified one or more adults as  someone who “really gets” them,  researchers found that many of the relationships teens had with these adults lacked the necessary depth to offer much support. More than 80% of teens surveyed had no meaningful relationships with adults beyond their immediate family.

When surveyed the teens were asked what adults could do more of to develop positive relationships with them. They nominated the list below as the top 10.

Courtesy Search Institute

When you read through the list it doesn’t sound like too much to ask does it? Make eye contact, spend time talking and listening.

Obviously though for many teens finding adults outside the family to do these things at any meaningful level is proving difficult.

Having adult mentors outside the family home has long been acknowledged as being important for teens who are distancing themselves from their parents. Teenagers mentioned teachers, sports coaches, and neighbors, as adults outside the family who they feel could provide dependable shoulders to lean on.

How are you going in connecting with the teens your life?

Image by CRASH:candy

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