Teenager: My Life Is a Catastrophy!

What do you do when confronted by a distressed teenager who is certain their life is ruined? Recent events have destroyed their hopes of a meaningful and enjoyable existence. During adolescence [...]

The Impacts of Divorce on Teenagers

Divorce is painful. It is painful for parents, for kids, and for close friends and family.  We all respond to pain differently depending on who we are and our stage of life. Teenagers are not [...]

What Most Concerns Teenagers

Besides the important issues of Facebook updates, applying Proactive solution, and not running out of mobile phone credit, what is it that really concerns teenagers these days? What would you say [...]

Teenagers & Bullying

The research suggests it is more common than many people think.  But could you tell if a teenager in your life was being bullied? Bullying involves a power imbalance and deliberate acts that [...]

Teenagers & Mobile Phone Disorders!

Have you ever thought your teen’s mobile phone has become somehow anatomically attached to their body? Do you ever worry that the amount which they text might be dangerous?  Well your fears may [...]

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