The Teenage Frenemy

Teenage friendships are never boring.  There is rarely dull moment. It seems drama, or melodrama, is never far away. Amongst all the ups and downs have you noticed that your teenager seems [...]

The Teenage Brain & Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of those things often associated with adolescence.  When you think of common issues encountered by all teenagers peer pressure comes up right alongside the usual [...]

Peer Groups & Teenage Independence

You wouldn’t have to be the parent of a teenager for long before you encountered statements from your teenager like “Johnny is allowed to stay up and watch (insert desired TV show/movie,)” or [...]

Peer Pressure: Not All Teens the Same.

It can be easy to stereotype when talking about demographic groupings. It is no different for those of us who talk about teenagers all day – we can generalise from time to time. So in order to [...]

Teenagers & Peers

The saying goes you that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. When it comes to teenagers this saying takes on a whole other level of significance. When talking [...]