10 Things Teenagers Might Want This Christmas

I know it is only just November, but if it’s okay for Kmart it’s okay for me to start talking about Christmas. This post is a heads up on possible presents your teen might want this Christmas…then again it may have nothing to do with what they want but hopefully it’s an interesting read on pop culture trends anyway.

1. Tickets to the Justin Bieber Movie

If, like me, you thought it wasn’t plausible for a teenager to have a major feature length motion picture made about their very short life, well be prepared for the Bieber to prove you wrong. To be fair if you are a worldwide sensation on track to be the first person to have 1 Billion YouTube views, then it is possible your life has been a full, all be it, short one. For all those love struck Beliebers, of who your daughter might be one, the offer to see their idol in 3D will undoubtedly be irresistible.

I have attached the trailer below as a warning to adults – don’t make the mistake of planning to go with your teen to see this (or don’t tell anyone else if you do).

2. Glee Christmas Album

For fans of the hit TV show Glee the news that they have got together to release a Christmas album might be iresistable. According to Billboard the play list is

1. We Need A Little Christmas
2. Deck The Rooftop
3. Merry Christmas Darling
4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
5. The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year
6. Last Christmas
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
8. O Christmas Tree
9. Jingle Bells
10. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
11. Angels We Have Heard On High
12. O Holy Night

3. Smart Phone

Smart phones are mobile computers with their own operating systems. The most popular being Apple iPhones or phones using the Android OS from makers like HTC.  These phones combine all the voice, text, and photographic features with social media functions, web browsing, and applications like those on our regular PC.

Or for something a bit different to satisfy the hardcore gamer maybe the Sony Playstation Phone will be out by Christmas. This phone reportedly combines all the features of a Smartphone with the ability to play Playstation games with built in console.

4. Text Only Walkie – Talkies

Have you said no to your teen owning their own mobile phone for this year? Then what about text only walkie-talkies? These enable your teen or tween to get into the texting world without the cost of a mobile phone subscription.

5. Xbox Kinect or Playstation Move

For the ever growing number of gamers a couple of the big ticket items this Christmas will be the Xbox Kinect & the PlayStation Move.  These systems are the first in the new generation of motion sensing home entertainment systems. Take a look at the videos below and you will quickly see the attraction – and not only to teenagers.

Xbox Kinect

PlayStation Move

6. Something From Apple

Of course the height of consumer electronics for the style conscious gadget kid are:

iPad – a cross between an iPod and a laptop this tablet device is a pretty expensive present – but very very cool!

iPod Touch – The iPod gives teens all the portability of music and video plus the ability to use any of the countless Apps and games available.

iPod Nano – For those for whom the iPod touch is a bit pricey the new smaller, clip on Nano could be a viable and fashionable option.

iTunes voucher – Of course some money to buy and download some new tunes would never go astray.

7. Game – Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe

Maybe your teen is one of the millions who are obsessed with the Twilight vampire series of books and movies. The die-hard Twilight fan will relish the chance to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of all the details and trivia of all 3 movies with the interactive game Scene It Twilight Saga Deluxe.

To those not as enthralled by the adolescent Vampire genre “Saga” might prove to be an apt name.

8. E-reader Barnes & Noble Nook

Maybe your teen is a reader. What could the digital native bookworm want more than an e-reader. The ability to easily download and carry a small library with you wherever you go along with the added advantages of being able to access the web, email, and numerous apps.  One of the latest examples is the Nook from Barnes & Noble.

Its the essential item for any tech-savvy bookworm.

9. 80’s Retro Fashion

Sure enough keep clothes for long enough they will be fashionable again. Seems like the 1980’s are suddenly stylish again (I’m sure it looked better the first time around). Fluro colours, splattered colourful patterns, high top sneakers, even retro style digital watches- it’s all cool again. For more great ideas on retro presents see check out our dedicated post.

For the budget conscious parent with a trendy teen maybe just letting them go through your old clothes could be the best possible present.

10. Family Holiday

Even though no self respecting teen would admit it out loud, often what they want more than any stuff is the comfort, fun, and connectedness that comes from good times with their family.

Image by Fernando Ariotti

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Showing 32 comments
  • dave miers

    #1 – wow.

    that’s all.

  • Chris

    enough said!

  • Kim

    Nobody wants Justin Bieber

  • Princess CZ

    Justin Bieber is awesome…i would definitely want those tickets.!.!.! but my friends want to kill him cuz wenever i talk bout him, they start frownin but they rarely listen to music

  • Skip to tha Loe

    Really? I dont even want any of that. it seems the only thing i would want is an i-phone. i wonder who wrote this article. apperently someone with no good taste in something a teen would want. and wtf? justin beiber. um…

  • Claudia

    i have everything on that list. :-/

  • Chick

    all that i truly dont like!

  • bella

    i don’t really like jb and i don’t know any kid who would want that stuff except ipod and iphone, and wow teenagerswnat more crap then that junk hahahhaah lol also claydia ur spoilied :-/

  • bella


  • Bella

    I hate jb and you need better ideas like purfume, clothes, girl hobbies stuff like that!!!

  • yas

    this list is probably more for 13 years olds then teenagers. Take it from a 15 year old and please don’t get these (unless maybe your daughter really does like Beiber.)

  • ya

    apple sucks

  • Secrets

    I don’t think any of this is very good

  • Sexy Beast

    Wow! I’m a teen, and none of these things seem to suit me for Christmas. -_-

  • SniperPriest101

    Wrong Wrong WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anger

    um justin bieber sucks mad nut and who the fuck wants scene it

  • kayle mcgee

    i either already have that (ex. smartphone) or i dont like (ex. justin beiber) and this is coming from a teen

  • Anime

    My parents asked my, “What would you like for christmas?” Truely, I have no idea. I was hoping this would help me. Answer is; No. I turely hate mostly all of this.

  • blanebanda

    some of these things i like -the sneakers- but i don’t want anything else.

  • chloewillson98

    Lmfao!-who ever wrote this must feel like a complete idiot considering a load of teens have commented saying that they hate all of which is right because I really would hate to get ‘Hannah Montana’ I’m 14 not 6..

  • K

    Yeah, someone really needs to redo this, it’s way off.

  • sexy poop


  • Sexy Chic

    Umm no thanks that stuffs crap. I have a mobile and im eleven why would I want a walkie talkie that can text its a waste of time and money. Whoever wrote this, give up your job as a website creator you stink no teen would want this. I mean really, Justin Beiber sucks. He’s old. he’s, like, so last year!!!!!!

    • Anon

      somebody is on their period. :I

      • I'd rather not say

        haha right

    • doll1995

      Eleven year olds shouldn’t have phones!!! And they should learn how to spell! Plus eleven year olds arent teenagers!

  • arsenallllllll

    nobody wants a boredgame for christmas.

  • skye13

    80’s fashion? ummmmm NO THANKS!

  • olivia

    my parents dont want to buy me a phone and im pissed

    • Kendall

      haha I know how you feel

  • Youth Culture Report


  • LolGirl

    Ok some of this stuff I could see me wanting, but for real, who would want to see a movie about Justin Bieber………….

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