10 Ways To Alienate Your Teenager

I am sure there are many out there who read the title of this post and thought twice about wasting your time reading further (if that was you – thanks for getting this far). You hardly need [...]

Why Teenagers Take Risks

Taking risks is part of life. It is most definitely part of growing up. If we don’t take risks we never learn about our own capabilities or discover the joy of new experiences.  Risk can be good, [...]

Teenage Spirituality: Does It Matter?

What do today’s teenagers think about the big questions of life? In a consumer society like ours, is there a danger teens consider life to be about the acquisition of stuff?  Are they too busy [...]

The Impacts of Divorce on Teenagers

Divorce is painful. It is painful for parents, for kids, and for close friends and family.  We all respond to pain differently depending on who we are and our stage of life. Teenagers are not [...]

Hannah Montana: Grown Up or Sexed Up?

As you are probably well aware Hannah Montana is all grown up.  It appears in order for young females (or young female pop stars) to grow up these days they need to be overtly sexual as if they [...]

How Branding Is Shaping Teenagers

Ever wondered how growing up in a branded culture effects the way a person views the world?  Have you noticed a differences between the way you respond and identify with brands and products and [...]

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