Getting Teenagers To Do Housework

This weeks statement of the obvious: Teenagers don’t like doing housework! (Who does?) If the previous statement is true, then it would appear that teenagers may be getting their own way [...]

The Pornification of Generation Z

Are today’s teenagers so immersed in a culture where porn defines the contours of mainstream pop culture, that they are not even aware why adults would be concerned? Teenagers have always been, [...]

Generation Z & Online Gaming

Today’s kids are playing games on consoles, computers, portables and online more than ever before. Remember when computer games were all about playing Pac Man or Space Invaders at the [...]

Hannah Montana: Grown Up or Sexed Up?

As you are probably well aware Hannah Montana is all grown up.  It appears in order for young females (or young female pop stars) to grow up these days they need to be overtly sexual as if they [...]