Teens, Technology, & Defensive Parenting

Earlier this week I read some interesting research about parents who have iPhones (I posted the article on Understanding Teenagers Facebook page) and it got me thinking about the way technology [...]


Digital Boundaries For Generation Z

I have written previously on this blog about the issues of teenagers getting enough sleep. So it will come as no surprise to those who are regular readers of this blog that the following research [...]


Peer Groups & Teenage Independence

You wouldn’t have to be the parent of a teenager for long before you encountered statements from your teenager like “Johnny is allowed to stay up and watch (insert desired TV show/movie,)” or [...]


How To Party Proof Your Teenagers

One of the great differences that emerge between parents and teenagers during adolescence is their attitudes about parties. Teenagers can’t wait to start attending more “grown [...]


Teenagers & Cars: A Deadly Combination

Teenagers want independence. For many nothing symbolises independence more than obtaining their drivers license. It is one of the clear modern day rites of passage to adulthood. I can still [...]

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