Do You Know If Your Teen Uses Drugs?

One of the fears parents have about their children’s adolescence is that they will develop a drug or alcohol problem. The fear is not irrational. Many teens will experiment with various [...]


What This Generation of Teenagers Value

Ever wish you could grab snap shot into the collective mind of a generation.  Well for those of us down under we get a chance each year to have a pretty good look. Every year in Australia a [...]


How To Party Proof Your Teenagers

One of the great differences that emerge between parents and teenagers during adolescence is their attitudes about parties. Teenagers can’t wait to start attending more “grown [...]


5 Reasons Teenagers Take Drugs

Can you remember the first time your were offered drugs?  Maybe it was a cigarette down behind the toilet block, a swig of whiskey at a your friends house, or trying a joint at a high school [...]


Teenagers & Cars: A Deadly Combination

Teenagers want independence. For many nothing symbolises independence more than obtaining their drivers license. It is one of the clear modern day rites of passage to adulthood. I can still [...]


Why Teenagers Take Risks

Taking risks is part of life. It is most definitely part of growing up. If we don’t take risks we never learn about our own capabilities or discover the joy of new experiences.  Risk can be good, [...]


Teenage Spirituality: Does It Matter?

What do today’s teenagers think about the big questions of life? In a consumer society like ours, is there a danger teens consider life to be about the acquisition of stuff?  Are they too busy [...]

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