Your Free Strategy Session

This Free Strategy Session is a no-cost, no-obligation, and no pressure, 30min session with parent coach Chris Hudson to help you identify:

Where you really want things to improve for you and your teenager
The key challenges you are up against
And what are some possible ways forward

So well done you! You have taken the next step towards making progress with your teenager.

Why Is This Session Free?

You are probably like most people, you see something valuable being offered for free and you think “WHAT IS THE CATCH?

There is no catch. In fact there are 3 really good reasons why this session is offered for free.

1. So You Can See What Parent Coaching Is Like

If you haven’t had coaching, or parent coaching before, it can feel like a big risk to start paying for something that you have not experienced. So this session provides a taste of what parent coaching is like, and the only risk to you is 30mins of your time.

2. So You Can Determine If Coaching is Right For You in Your Situation

You also need the chance to see if coaching is the right solution for your situation. Not all parenting issues are best resolved by coaching. You wouldn’t like paying for someone to tell you they can’t help! So in this session you and Chris explore your situation and determine if coaching is the best way forward for you.

3. To See If Working With Chris Is Possible Way Forward For You

The coaching relationship involves a fair degree of trust and accountability. So you and your coach need to get on. This session gives you the chance to get a sense of who Chris is and how he works, and also gives Chris a chance to see if you and he could work together.

How To Book Your Free Strategy Session

Step 1.  Select a date and time from the list of possible appointment times below. You can find more appointments at later dates by clicking on MORE TIMES in top right corner of booking table. (Be sure to check the time zone is your time zone.)

Step 2.  Provide some basic information about yourself, like your name, email, and brief outline of what it is you and your teen are struggling with. Then click COMPLETE APPOINTMENT

Step 3.  Check appointment details are correct and add to your calendar.

Step 4. Check your inbox for an email containing confirmation of your appointment and details of how to get onto the online session.


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