Teens Like Texting More than Facebook to Connect With Friends

Every generation of young people seems to be misunderstood by their elders, and today’s teens are no exception. While adults may accuse adolescents of preferring electronics to face-to-face contact, March data on teenage internet users in the US from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that advocates for kids and families, shows that claim may be unfounded, or at least deserves qualification.

Nearly half of 13- to 17-year-old respondents said their favorite way to communicate with friends was in person. Texting was a close second, though, with one-third saying they preferred it.

Among those who liked texting better, 30% said it was the quickest way to communicate, 23% said it was easiest and 16% said it gave them more time to think about how to respond. For those who preferred face-to-face communication, 38% indicated that it was more fun, while 29% said they could better understand what people mean in person.

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