Digital Boundaries For Generation Z

I have written previously on this blog about the issues of teenagers getting enough sleep. So it will come as no surprise to those who are regular readers of this blog that the following research [...]

Teenage Love In the Digital Age

In my previous post I outlined the contours of dating and finding a romantic partner during adolescence.  While that post is full of useful information (really it is you can check it out right [...]

Generation Z & Their Digital Future

There is a lot to be said for changing perspective.  Observing an object or issue from a point of view that differs to our normal frame of reference can completely alter our perception.  We might [...]

Generation Z & Online Gaming

Today’s kids are playing games on consoles, computers, portables and online more than ever before. Remember when computer games were all about playing Pac Man or Space Invaders at the [...]

Keeping Generation Z Safe Online

If you were to install a pool in your backyard you would of course install a fence around the pool, especially if you had young children.  While the fence is a necessary safety requirement of [...]

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