How To Party Proof Your Teenagers

One of the great differences that emerge between parents and teenagers during adolescence is their attitudes about parties. Teenagers can’t wait to start attending more “grown [...]

5 Reasons Teenagers Take Drugs

Can you remember the first time your were offered drugs?  Maybe it was a cigarette down behind the toilet block, a swig of whiskey at a your friends house, or trying a joint at a high school [...]

Why Teenagers Take Risks

Taking risks is part of life. It is most definitely part of growing up. If we don’t take risks we never learn about our own capabilities or discover the joy of new experiences.  Risk can be good, [...]

Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Males in their late teens and early 20’s have been found to be most at risk of abusing alcohol. The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) recently released a report containing [...]

Distracted Teenage Drivers

Do you live or work with a teenager who is a licensed driver? Ever wondered how focused, or not focused, they are when they are driving? Well here is some disturbing news. In a recent survey of [...]

Why Teenagers Engage in Heavy Drinking

In previous posts I have discussed alcohol use amongst teens and the connection between parents and teenage alcohol use.  In this post I thought I would look more specifically at heavy drinking [...]

Peer Pressure: Not All Teens the Same.

It can be easy to stereotype when talking about demographic groupings. It is no different for those of us who talk about teenagers all day – we can generalise from time to time. So in order to [...]

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