Managing Teenage Screen Time

It would have to be the biggest parenting challenge of the early 21st century, “How much screen time should I give my kids?” Parents who weren’t raised in an online world are trying [...]

Teenage Sexting: What Can Parents Do?

What do you say if your teen comes to you distressed having received an unwanted image of someone else’s naked body? What do you do if you find explicit sexual images on your teenager’s phone? [...]

Sex, Texts, & Automobiles

Does your teen own a smartphone? If they do, have you had a serious discussion with them about how to use it in a safe and sensible manner? Smartphones, and other such mobile devices, are [...]

Depression Linked With More Internet Use

According to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology, people suffering from depression tend to spend more time chatting and sharing files with others. Two hundred and sixteen [...]

College Students Not So Good at Google

Students in a two-year ethnographic study referred to Google more than any database when discussing their research habits. But ironically, say the study’s authors, they weren’t very good at using [...]