13 Ways to Get Teenagers Talking

Grunts, rolled eyes, one word answers, and silence. These are some of the most common parental experiences of teenage communication. Just when it feels like kids are getting to the age you can [...]


Does Your Teen Trust You?

How many of us would walk into a shop to purchase something without making sure we had a means to pay for it? When you go to buy something you make sure you have the means of providing payment, [...]


What Every Teenager Needs: Encouragement

Everyone knows positive messages are important, especially for young people. Clear, well timed messages of affirmation are vital for a young person’s sense of self-worth and confidence. But [...]


Most Common Reasons Teenagers Tell Lies

No one likes being lied to. But when it is a loved one who lies to us it always worst. From frustration to rejection, confusion to curiosity, the sense that your teenager is lying to you can [...]

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