Organisation and the Teenage Brain

Always packing the wrong books for school or leaving lunch behind?  Assignments always been done the night before despite getting set 6 weeks in advance? Never seem to know where anything is or where it was last used?

If this sounds like your teenager, then don’t despair. It is very normal teenage behavior.  And the reason it happens is all to do with the changes that occur in the adolescent brain.

20 years ago it was believed that most brain development happened before the age of 5 years old. Now however it is understood that during early adolescence the teenage brain changes significantly. In fact the amount of change that occurs in the brain during adolescence is equivalent to the brain development that occurs in early childhood.

This drastic change in the hardwiring of the brain explains many common teenage behaviors, including increased risk taking, altered sleep patterns, and increased moodiness.  It also explains why even the brightest of teens can often appear abnormally forgetful and disorganized……

This is the beginning of a guest post I did for Radical Parenting.  You can find the full article here.
Image by CocteauBoy

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