Parenting teenagers can be one the most challenging periods of life - but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

If the challenge of parenting your teenager has become a daily struggle and you feel like things are going backwards in your relationship with your teenager, and your parenting confidence is taking a battering, then parent coaching could be your answer.

Chris offers personalised one-on-one coaching for parents who are looking to make improvements in how they go about raising their teenagers. He is committed to helping everyday parents find the most positive, loving, and empowering approach possible to bringing up their teenage kids.


What Is Parent Coaching?

Coaching empowers you to achieve the your goals.

Parent Coaching is a results-oriented process focused on developing your capacity to achieve your objectives as a parent. Just like a personal trainer, or life coach, a parent coach helps you realise your intentions, except in this case the focus is on parenting - especially parenting teenagers.

Coaching builds on your existing strengths as a parent, and provides additional feedback, knowledge and tools to help you achieve your parenting goals. As your coach, Chris will work with you to clarify your goals, develop your strategy and build your parenting skills. Because we are all unique and our families are different, one-on-one coaching focuses on what is happening in your specific situation and identifies strategies and approaches that will work for you and your teenager.

In a judgement free and confidential environment, Chris can help you gain a new perspective on your parenting and your teenager. As you clarify what is happening with your and your teen, and develop alternative ways of approaching your parenting task, you will find that you become calmer, more confident and make better choices in how you parent your teenager.

Coaching is done online and at a time that is convenient to you, so you don’t have to interrupt your life to participate.


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Who Is Parent Coaching For?

There are lots of reasons parents partner with a coach. Sometimes people engage a coach because they feel confused about their own parenting. Other people work with a coach when they don’t know what to do about their teenager’s behaviour. The one thing all parents who hire a coach have in common is a strong desire to see positive change their teenager’s life.

Some of the common reasons parents of teenagers work with a coach is because they:

  • Feel like their teenagers don't listen to or respect or them
  • Constantly argue or are engaged in power struggles with their teen over everyday issues
  • Experience increased frequency of teenage problem behavior and risk taking
  • Struggle with raising teens in an age so technologically different from when they grew up
  • Know there is a problem in the relationship with their teenagers, but can’t name it
  • Find themselves using the same unhealthy parenting practices their parenting role models  demonstrated when they were children
  • Have little energy left over after parenting for their adult relationships
  • Need a sounding board to talk through parenting issues or just vent

Parent coaching is not for people who want a quick fix, behaviours and relationships take time to change. However, if you are serious about making lasting chasing, parent coaching can be very just the thing you need.

Parent coaching is also not about receiving expert advice. Chris is not the expert on your family, you are. Working with Chris will help you build on your particular parenting strengths and identify your personal blindspots or parenting beliefs and habits that are holding you back.

Coaching is not Therapy. It is not focused on either you or your teens psychological obstacles or managing your mental health conditions. Coaching is present and future directed, helping you draw on your own experience and wisdom to develop your own practical solutions.

Parents who get the most out of parent coaching are those who are willing to be open and honest about what is happening and willing to try new ways of going about parenting. Coaching is not about blaming, or judging. Acknowledging that none of us are perfect, coaching provides the opportunity to admit how things really are and find achievable ways of being better (not perfect) parents.



Click here to read answers to common questions about Parent Coaching.

If you still have questions or want to discuss your situation, contact Chris by clicking here and sending him your questions.


Why Work With Chris?

Chris Hudson first started working with parents of teenagers over 20 years ago, and in that time has helped parents and teens find better ways of doing life together.

Chris brings his extensive experience in youth work, pastoral counseling, experiential learning, adult education, and adolescent development to every coaching session and every family situation. He has worked with families from a range of backgrounds and has assisted working through an extensive variety of teen related issues.

His qualifications go well beyond holding a Masters Degree in Education, Chris is also married with kids (including a teenager) and knows just how imperfect and frustrating family life can be. Chris knows there no such thing as the perfect family, and doesn't believe in one size fits all. His commitment is to helping you and your teenager be the best versions of yourselves possible. Learn more about Chris.




Your Commitment

As your coach Chris can listen, guide, teach, motivate, and encourage you, but the only person who can make the change is you, the parent. Just hiring a coach won’t make things better. As a parent you will need to put in the hard yards required to bring about positive change in yourself, your teenager, and your family.

Chris will take time to listen carefully and understand exactly what is happening in your family and what you would like to change about the future. Together, you will focus on developing a program tailored for specifically for your situation. Between coaching sessions you will have a variety of tasks, exercises, and activities to carry out according to the plan you have developed.

Your commitment between coaching sessions to putting in to practice what you have discussed is critical to achieving the change you desire. If staying motivated or pushing through the barriers gets difficult, Chris can be available between sessions via email to help you along.


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How It Works?

  • Appointments go for 1 hour
  • They are held face-to face via an online environment (very easy to use)
  • Appointments are every 10- 14 days or as often as you request
  • At the end of each appointment you will receive an email summary of what was discussed and a list of exercises or activities for you to carry out
  • If you have questions between appointments Chris is available via email to assist
  • There are no minimum or maximum required appointments
  • Appointments are $147 each, payable at time of booking via PayPal or credit card

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