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What do you say if your teen comes to you distressed having received an unwanted image of someone else’s naked body? What do you do if you find explicit sexual images on your teenager’s phone? Even more importantly, what do you say to your teen or tween when they get their first phone about the [...]

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Does your teen own a smartphone? If they do, have you had a serious discussion with them about how to use it in a safe and sensible manner? Smartphones, and other such mobile devices, are reshaping the way we live. They are but a taste of what the digital future will look like. So pervasive [...]

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No one likes being lied to. But when it is a loved one who lies to us it always worst. From frustration to rejection, confusion to curiosity, the sense that your teenager is lying to you can evoke a whole range of responses.  Recently I have had a number of conversations about teenagers and lying, [...]

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Teenage friendships are never boring.  There is rarely dull moment. It seems drama, or melodrama, is never far away. Amongst all the ups and downs have you noticed that your teenager seems to mention one or two people more than most when discussing the latest relational disturbance?  Is there always one name that seems to [...]

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In the previous post I discussed how important it is for teenagers to feel like they count and what might happen when they don’t. Central to the adolescent journey is the daunting task of discovering and owning an adult identity. Our identity is made up of many facets.  Some of the most significant are; knowing [...]

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Peer pressure is one of those things often associated with adolescence.  When you think of common issues encountered by all teenagers peer pressure comes up right alongside the usual suspects acne, hormones, first love, and pop music.  Peer pressure is often used as the reason or excuse for why ‘good’ kids do stupid things.  We’ve [...]