Post image for How Teenagers Feel About Learning

How is your teenager going at school? Do they look forward to going to school and enjoy the challenge of academic learning? Or are they a less than enthusiastic student? With a new school year starting in northern hemisphere, and southern hemisphere kids heading back for the second half of their academic year it seems […]

Post image for Teaching Generation Z – Embracing Digital Learning

Recently I have been working on courses to help teachers connect more effectively with today’s teenagers. In the process I have gone down numerous tangents, with varying degrees of relevance. One of the most relevant tangents is how technology is shaping the way teenagers think and relate.  This is not a new field of enquiry […]

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Two questions: Should you get your teenager their own mobile phone? Should your teenager be encouraged to use their phone at school? The first question is one that clearly a majority of parents have answered in the affirmative – as a majority of teenagers now own and use mobile phones (75% of US teens own […]

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In our information saturated world there is no shortage of quality information. But as most of you know finding the quality amongst the trash is the tricky bit. Each week in in the process of researching and looking for information, I get to read loads of good stuff, which is really helpful, but doesn’t suit […]

Post image for Teenagers & Exams: How to Help Stressed Teens?

End of school exams can be a stressful time for teenagers, their parents, and those who teach them. With Australian High School students beginning their final exams this week I thought it would be worth taking some time to explore the issue of exam related stress in teenagers There is no shortage of articles and […]

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Can you remember the first time your were offered drugs?  Maybe it was a cigarette down behind the toilet block, a swig of whiskey at a your friends house, or trying a joint at a high school party? Whatever the occasion, do you remember why you did it? If you can think of that reason, […]