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What do you say if your teen comes to you distressed having received an unwanted image of someone else’s naked body? What do you do if you find explicit sexual images on your teenager’s phone? Even more importantly, what do you say to your teen or tween when they get their first phone about the [...]

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Does your teen own a smartphone? If they do, have you had a serious discussion with them about how to use it in a safe and sensible manner? Smartphones, and other such mobile devices, are reshaping the way we live. They are but a taste of what the digital future will look like. So pervasive [...]

Seventy percent of teens “hide their online behavior” from parents, according to a report, which was released Monday. The news comes from a 2,017-person survey funded by the online security software maker McAfee, which is pushing a product that helps parents monitor their kids online. These hidden behaviors include some things you might expect — [...]

According to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology, people suffering from depression tend to spend more time chatting and sharing files with others. Two hundred and sixteen undergraduate students were monitored over a month’s time for actual Internet use. Higher scores on depression surveys — which were given at the beginning of the [...]

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Try and imagine a future where the morality and social awareness the world’s inhabitants is shaped entirely by tabloid current affairs programs, viral YouTube videos, and MTV. Hopefully it won’t be the entire population, but there are an increasing number for whom such a reality is becoming increasingly probable. A 2010 survey found that children [...]

Students in a two-year ethnographic study referred to Google more than any database when discussing their research habits. But ironically, say the study’s authors, they weren’t very good at using it. The series of studies, known as the “Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries Project (ERIAL)” is a collaborative effort by five Illinois universities that [...]