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How many of us would walk into a shop to purchase something without making sure we had a means to pay for it? When you go to buy something you make sure you have the means of providing payment, cash, credit card or some form of credit account with the store in question. Money is […]

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Everyone knows positive messages are important, especially for young people. Clear, well timed messages of affirmation are vital for a young person’s sense of self-worth and confidence. But some positive messages are not as effective as others. Being able to translate your positive feelings to  your teenager in a manner that will make a lasting […]

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No one likes being lied to. But when it is a loved one who lies to us it always worst. From frustration to rejection, confusion to curiosity, the sense that your teenager is lying to you can evoke a whole range of responses.  Recently I have had a number of conversations about teenagers and lying, […]

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There can’t be very many. Maybe there are a special few here and there, but they are few and far between. What is this rare specimen I speak of? The parent who hasn’t had a teenager say to them at some point “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” The majority of parents who will hear this at […]

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In the previous post I discussed how important it is for teenagers to feel like they count and what might happen when they don’t. Central to the adolescent journey is the daunting task of discovering and owning an adult identity. Our identity is made up of many facets.  Some of the most significant are; knowing […]

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In this short series on how to kill communication with teenagers we have looked at how parents sabotage their own efforts to establish and maintain open and healthy communication patterns with their teenagers- sometimes without even knowing they’re doing it. So far we discussed how ‘invalidating’ a teenager and his/her feelings will damage communication, and […]